Offer our customers and consumers a product made with the highest quality using the best raw materials and hygiene conditions, caring for the growth and welfare of our staff to provide the best service, earning your trust.


To be a leading company in baking, offering products and services of premium quality, integrating innovation and technology to its products and production processes, always keeping in mind our values and policies that are oriented to satisfy the needs of our customers.


  1. Love to the work – ust work with love and affection, in every action tat is carried out.
  2. Commitment – Comply with the activities to obtain the achievement of the objectives.
  3. Trust – Have optimistic attitudes towards projects and changes.
  4. Honesty – Finding congruence between sayingand doing, favors the development of actions within the work circle.
  5. Justice – We must recognize the actions that each element performs in the company, good or bad.
  6. Person – Always see the other as a person, never as an instrument.
  7. Passion – We see our work as a mission, a passion, an adventure, a fun. Sharing this in an environment of participation and trust is what constitutes the soul of the company.
  8. Respect – Have acceptance and cordial treatment towards our colleagues.
  9. Responsibility – Fully assume our own tasks and comply with what corresponds to us.
  10. Solidarity – Supporting other people will favor and make the work environment more efficient.


  1. Service attitude – Customer service.
  2. Quality – Always look for the best raw materials for the formulationand elaboration of our products.
  3. Cooperation – Mutual support among the company’s personnel to achieve the objectivesand goals that Grupo Don Bizcocho (GDB) has proposed.
  4. Excellent service – Through training we will achieve the best service to meet the needs of our customers.
  5. Integration – Unification of the personnel to achieve an excellent service.
  6. Teamwork – Support between colleagues, never let the differences have influence in the work.